To do/what’s on my mind

I want a job. A lot. I don’t think I’d mind working, in fact I think that I would really enjoy it but this is the thing:( ) I can’t talk. At least not unprecedentedly, anyway. I had to google that word. It’s not that I didn’t know what it meant, it’s just that i wasn’t sure that it meant what I thought it meant. It did. That’s my problem. I say things, but then once they’re said I’m not sure if I’ve said it right, or if I should have said it. And that’s why  I mumble. Sorry, I’m getting off track. And I ramble. I believe I would bomb(D) at interviews. So that’s why I’m a little apprehensive about applying for a job.

Auditions. My school is doing a whole-school production of Oliver in the autumn, and I’m going to audition for Dodger, but my vocals definitely aren’t good enough, and my acting isn’t quite top notch either. So it’s just kinda getting to me a little bit. But I’m gonna practice throughout the summer holidays, and then give it my best shot in the fall. I’m English but I use American English quite a lot.

Universidad. That’s Spanish for university, in case you couldn’t guess. I don’t know what to do, and so I don’t know where to go. I’ve been doing the same subjects, for pretty much my entire school life, I think it just got boring. I think I want pick a new subject like American studies or African studies or Anthropology. I like A.

But who knows, maybe Lord Alan Sugar will be working for me someday, if he’s not dead by then.

“I’m thinking whether I should get you a cushion because sitting on the fence there you could get a sore arse.”
Alan Sugar


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