Shut up and drink your gin.

Best Oliver rehearsal yet!! I am LOVING it šŸ˜€ we did some acting, a little bit of singing and a black hole’s worth of dancing. The people are just great. It’s a whole school production, so the main characters are played by the mature students of the school, i.e. me and my best friends doing A level theatre studies (<– it’s more theatrical than just drama.) Ā So yeh, I’m surrounded by some of my best friends, doing stuff we both love and you don’t even have to think! It’s just “enter stage left.” Ā  Ā OKAY!me: “OKAY!”

Also, I’m growing a littleĀ attached to a certain main character, AKA Oliver. He’s one of those people who most would think, “oh no not this guy”, I didn’t think that, but I know a lot of people would. They are my favorite kind of people because, it means I can just sit back and let them take the show. Back to the point, I think I might really miss it when it’s over.

If you happen to be anywhere near Wragby road Lincoln on Friday the fifteenth(ish) of December pop in to a place called Lincoln Christ’s Hospital school and you might just see me cry :’)

I could write a lot more about the production, I think I will, but not right now.


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