STUFFS/potential direction?

Okay so I’ve decided something(s). The thing that I have decided, which I am going to tell now, is that I want to keep some of the nice/hilarious texts people have sent me(also just things people have said to me/about me). Therefore, I will need to document them somehow. Oh, wait a minute! Isn’t this a blog where I can post whatever I like? Yes. Yes it is. SO I propose that I will put them on here so they will be archived forever, or at least until something takes over the world, e.g. zombies, 21st Century plague, technology, pollution. W.E.(D)

The way these posts will work Is I will title the post with who it was sent from and the content will be the message, I may also include some back story or suttin(D). this.

“Nobody knows it but me when I slip, yeah I slip, I’m still an animal” – Miike Snow.




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