Dad 17-Jan-2013

“Been back about 15 mins, remembered Adventure Time was on, caught the last 5 mins of I fricking hate Trudy. Brilliant. Take care, missing you already. Love Dad. x”

I like this one it sums up our relationship quite well. You see my dad doesn’t contact me often when I’m at uni, I’m at university by the way, he feels it bothers me. Admittedly, some times it does bother me when my parents constantly text or ring me saying, asking the same things and never really caring fully about the answer. Anyhow, my Dad had just dropped me off at uni after the Christmas break and I guess because he drops me off he feels the full effect; having my presence through the two hour drive there, then having only the radio filling the space on the way back. So when, if, he contacts me it’s usually to say something caring and also has some reference to Adventure Time, which is an RIGHTEOUS show FYI (D), so you should totally check it out if you don’t know what it is, and if you do check out and episode called Freak city, there is a side splitting line in it.



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