Seana 5-Feb-2013

Just as a note these posts are mostly for me to remember what has happened in my life, as there isn’t enough memory space in my phone to keep it recorded, kind of symbolic of my brain. So this one is kind of for me but, I’ll give a back story anyway. I’m a people pleaser what can I say.

“She getting there been sick every Half hour instead of 10mins now they won’t let her have water though so it’s just like flem xx”

So, we were out on a night in Liverpool, which is about half an hour in a taxi away from our home. I was an organised event, with transport there and back and you only stay in this one club and just get proper smashed basically. However my friend, ‘Abbeh’ thought it would eb a good idea to go into the VIP section with two estranged men  and take drinks from them with no questions. Idiot.

Simply put, I found her slumped over a stone seat outside of the front of the club, with no shoes or bag and with blood and mud down the front of her legs. If you can’t imagine how bad it looked, trust me it was bad, I didn’t even  recognize her at first. Do not worry though! Thankfully nothing happened to her, well apart from being spiked, nothing further happened to her.

But Seana, the hero, was the most sober of us so, she was the one that decided to get Abbeh an ambulance. Good call. So essentially this is just to remind me of dumb shit that can happen and the good peolpe that will always be around to help out. Of course there will only be good peolpe around if those are the kind of peolpe you keep in your friend group.

Life lessons here people:

1 – don’t take drinks from strange men in bars

2 – don’t get so drunk that you can’t even notice when your friend has been spiked

3 – surround yourself with good people




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