Amber 18-Mar-2013

“Remember too look at your wrist !!!!!!!!!! And belly xxxxxxxx”

Okay, so when I’m drunk I have this tendency to want to go away from my frineds in search of food, sit in toilets for hours, walk outside for a bit, want to go home early and generally not engage with the world. Because of these drunken qualities of mine, i decided to write some rules on my wrist to remind me of what I’m not allowed to do when drinking/being drunk. I also wrote them on my belly so that only I could see them ,when I went to the toilet, accompanied of course.

they may have been something like this:

1 – don’t go home until the end of the night

2 – no running away to go eat

3 – have to be accompanied to toilet/bar

4 – buy a drink at least every 15 minutes

Something like that anyway, I didn’t stick to it, I don’t remember.



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