Smeess (her old phone) 27-Apr-2013

My friends and I went to mine for the weekend so they could meet my family and check out Lincoln town. So my sister was out wit her frends and we were meeting in the same nightclub, so satirically called ‘Home’. Anyways  I guess I text asking where she was.


“”Booooo! The top top gangsta floor?!?!? Xxxx”


“Gwrrttt xxx”

“Where are you£/!??!?xxxxxxx”

I was probably on the top floor listening to average pop songs, the overplayed stuff. i think she was on the bottom dubstep/grime floor.

“Shit! Boo twerkin without ye antd you taught needed! live toy thrre” (Maybe that last bit mean ‘love you though’, ??)

Then this one was the day we left back for uni, Yas was at work when we left, so she said a brief goodbye before she started.

“I just want to say sorry for being so shit and busy this weekend. I was looking forward to meeting them so much and it should have been better than this from me. I’m gutted! the little time I have spent with you guys has been so much fun. i hate that when you’re back, I barely get to see you, it really upsets me. i promise to try not to be busy next time ha they must think I’m so rude. This isn’t how i wanted it to be I’m sorry. I love you so much dick’ed.”

She got a bit emosh (D). This was in first year so me living away from home was really different for our family, but we are way more chilled about it now, it’s still kind of hard for them I think but we are a lot less erratic about it. we have accepted the change.

I love Yazz for caring this much though, just about meeting my friends. She has met them plenty of times since then and they have each other on snapchat, so it all worked out fine from this apparently ‘rude’ first meeting.

Love is love.

xx G xx


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