So, I haven’t posted in about 60 years and my mobile inbox keeps blocking incoming text because it is full, so it may be time to delete some.

However I also think i’m going to start doing some general blogging, to keep the ‘My life’ Category up to date, as it is probably important to see the role I play in all of these beautiful peoples’ lives. (< is that even real grammar?)

So, right now I am in my first real house with a living room and kitchen in which  MY PARENTS DO NOT LIVE. Buzzehn (D).

I am in my second year at uni, living with my 3 best friends (We have named our house moss mansion)  and I cook good shit errday (D) and exercise regularly. As well as this I had a meeting with a physiotherapist (Mark) and he said I can crack on, so I am dancing again for the first time in about six months.

That’ll do for now, I’ve got probably over a hundred texts to get through before I get to hungry and have to go make breakfast. Actually Imma have breakfast whilst I work.


All my love

xx G xx

1601339_10202907929799615_1164833094_n *this is from a party we had a couple of weeks ago (I made both signs FYI)*


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