Wesserz 15-May-2013

“Puakenikeni xxxx”

SO, (that’s an I-have-something-to-say-so-listen-up kind of ‘so’) After pre-drinks one night, we were walking to the venue (the on-campus club) and Wes tells me his story of how he was born in Hawaii and lived there until he was five, and that’s why he has even more love for Nicole shitandpissmynickers (Sherzinger). I didn’t believe him at first, so he swore and pinky promised that it was true story. I was like DUDE! that’s so cool. Big admiration n ting. 

WELL, he lied. He pinky promised on a lie. How do you trust someone again after that kind of abuse. Pinky promises are sacred in my eyes but he apologised and promised never to lie to me again, and now I get to play along with his story to innocent bystanders in the Venue queue, without harm. 

Don’t take the wrong vibe from this post: I love Wes, he’s more of a Diva than I will ever be. 

(this was more about the holiness of the pinky swear. )xx G xx



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