I’m working towards a 6-pack, maybe a 4…

So I’ve been overweight for a while, but recently (past 6 months) I’ve been eating good and working out to my best ability and knowledge. Knowledge is key to becoming anything, especially ridiculously buff.
So I try to read health, nutrition nad workout articles as much as I can.

I came across this particular article about how women are cultured into think less calories=skinnier waist. I know it’s not true and lots of others do, but not everyone. There was one paragraph in the article which made me laugh, and think, though; here it is

“(Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that the female body naturally carries about twice as much body fat as men. That is because testosterone increases one’s ability to gain lean muscle mass, while estrogen increases the storage of body fat. It is much more difficult – *many more cheezeburgers must be nommed* – for a man to reach 40% body fat than a woman. Knowing this, it becomes increasingly aggravating when society continues to judge fat women far more harshly than fat men. Oh, the irony.)”

Here’s the link, it’s definitely worth the read, most good things are.


Much love

xx G xx


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