Danielle Good F 28-May-2013

“Today is the day we need dirt and leaves…. Get collecting on campus liver lol xxx”

I don’t I will have talked about this yet, It was over a year ago so it’s basically a distant memory for me, but for those reading it’s a first encounter. I forget that.

So, last year I was asked to be in a final year performance student’s dissertation. It’s basically a production completely made by the student to show what they have learned and what sort of theatre they would produce if they were to start their own company. So Danielle asked me to audition for hers because she had seen me perform for some assessments, already that’s cool that she picked me outta the bunch kinda thing.

But yeah, she seemed very cool, so I said yeah and went to the audition. She made us run around the room for quite a while and then asked me to stand up and showed her everything I could do. It’s tough to be put on the spot like that but I think I pulled it out of the bag. Well I stayed in the piece so I guess so. Hah!

So yeah I’ll save the rest of the process for later texts, if there are some, if not I’ll do a post about it 🙂

Love G


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