(From myself) 2-June-2013

“Tfchnique, ballet. Over summer. you’re young. if she has a company, join it. Think about doing your dissertation on your own. Keep in touch with danielle.”

I went for a night out with Danielle, we’d finished the performance a couple of nights ago and  basically everyone at uni had gone home so there were few people on campus, but she came round with a couple of friends to pick me up and then we went to beautiful Alpine (it’s not beautiful, but it does the job). So we were both kind of drunk and talking philosophically about life and love and WTF else we wanted. I wanted to remember what she had said to me because it made a lot of sense and opened my mind, as all of Danielle’s words do. So I sent myself a text. I didn’t do ‘tfchnique’ over summer as I sprained my ankle pretty bad (more on that later). She doesn’t have her own company yet, but she is a professional dancer i a company called 12 degrees north. She’s sick. (as in  ridiculously insanely good performer.)

A look back to the dissertation. It was pretty jank at the beginning because she was collaborating with a set designer and the ideas were frankly, a little bit shitty. Eventually though the designer sacked us off, even though she was basically the hindrance. So, it ended up being a really cool piece about loss and gain and how you have to do both to keep life in a healthy balance, a beautiful concept in my eyes. If i weren’t in the piece I’d probably make something like it, but if I weren’t in the piece I would not be the same performer I am today.

I got to wear a bog ass 50s fur coat (faux fur bien sur), speak a lot of Spanish (only Spanish), beatbox to the max, and smack Mitch around the head a couple of times. So it was a really satisfying piece for me, haha!

Being in Danielle’s piece and her letting me into her processes really allowed me to recognise what i could get from myself as a performer and a I person, and I would b=not be the same without that.

I owe her more than she realises.

all my love

xx   G   xx


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