Wesserz 5-June-2013


“Ha’o wau ia ‘oe!!! 😦 (I miss you in hawaiian) 😉 xxxx”

HAhahah! ❤

this: https://iwantsomemeat.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/wesserz-15-may-2013/

I said he used google translate.

“Google translate doesn’t have hawaiian 😉 its my home land language 😉 I shall have to come to Lincoln!! Bostons boring 😛 are you home yet? how did you do in pth? 🙂 i havent had my grade yet 😦 xxxx”

pth is physical theatre, for those performance newbs out there 😀

Wez and I get along easily because we are similar kind of workers, we show up to every lesson and we are present when we are there. we are both naturally smart and try hard, so we work well together.

I still don’t know where he gets the Hawaiian from though, probs internets.

xx G xx


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