WHOA. 101.

Whoa, I only just saw before I clicked it off that I have done ONE HUNDRED BLOG POSTS. Double u Tee Eff.

That is crazy. This blogging thing is super fun, I really get a buzz from it, and when any one of you guys like a post or start following me I get a HUGE grin! honestly there’s only like twenty two/three/four/something of you who follow, but I really appreciate it.

such wow, so hundred, much follow.

Hopefully I’ll keep getting better at this thing and both you and I can get more friends and have like a community where we interact and crazy shit like that! Hah!

Honest though the whole world of this things shifts the clouds from any overcast days.

Keep up the good work and I will try to do the same! Hah!

All of my love

xxxx Gertrude xxxx


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