Amber 13-Aug-2013 (I guess there’s going to be few birthday texts her guys)

“Happy birthday gerttrone 🙂 hope you have a fantastic day, gutted I cannot see & jump on your face today on the anniversary of your birth yet I shall make up for this over the next academic year at edge hill!!! You are the most beautiful human I have ever met, you have a heart of gold & I love you for that & the better person you make me !! Lotsa love, keep safe, peace out !!!!”


So, recently I have been trying to get back to the quite, polite and wholly giving person that I was in first year. Not completely of course because, I didn’t really know who i was or what my purposes in life were, they are clearer now so I’m obviously not going to become less clear, c’est impossible. However, I just wanted to regain some of the humbleness I used to have. I think I might be, which is good.

This helps – (It’s happy)

xx G xx


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