Mitch 21-Aug-2013

“hey babycakes when are you moving in? Xxx”

I think this is the first text from Mitch on here, I only met him sort of halfway through 2013 so….

Let me tell you about him.

Well first of all, I’m using his keyboard from his computer, because my laptop keys are jacked. He’s giving, in certain ways. In other ways he can be selfish but, mostly he’s willing to put himself out there. He is very committed in class: he turns up, learns all the material and goes over it at home and junk, he’s in it when it comes to him excelling himself.

We’re quite similar, I can’t think of specific examples of how we are, but i feel it. we’re also different, for realz.

He’s a great guy, in the simplest of terms. not afraid to enjoy the little things. Easily amused and impressed; that’s a good thing and a hindrance. He can take banter better than he thinks he can, which is good because he gets A LOT. A. LOT.

And he’s gay. Girls aloud, naked men on his wall, quiff brushing gay.

And I love him.

Love you Mitch!!

xx G xx


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