have no fear.

Hello, I know I missed updating last week but, have no fear 😀 I will be doing a double shift  tomorrow (well, today now).

This post however is to document the fasting I will be doing today. I’ve done a little reading, but the articles I have read are all saying different things, so I’m just gonna go with an accumulation and whatever feels right for my body.


10.00 AM  – I got up around here, did the five Tibetan rites then, I would normally have breakfast but instead i just got straight on with the day.

1.00 PM  – chill time! I’d normally have lunch around here, but instead I just watched some keeping up with the Kardashians (gotta look out for ma girl Khloe) and then started reading about fasting.

3.00 PM – Laura’s playing Biggie, Abbeh’s playing some house and mitch is playing some kind of pop music stuff, dunno. Not that hungry really, I am thirsty though, gonna go keep that hydration level high!

6.00 PM – So, before reading about fasting I had planned to not eat until 18.00 hours. however after reading up, this amount of time would be pretty pointless. My body wouldn’t feel the right effects from fasting after such a short time. I’m still not hungry yet, it’s really weird how much we mistake an emotional or physcological trigger to eat for actual hunger. When I start to get an ache in my throat that’s when I’m hungry for real. i had a little short lived ache earlier for about ten minutes but it passed, so I guess I wasn’t that hungry.

I did write some nice stuff on guitar, and tried to clear my mind meditating but still working on tat one. The only struggle I think will be that my housemates are going with Mexican for tea tonight, after my suggestion this morning (silly me!) which is gonna suck because I’ll be cooking it! Hah!

8.00 PM – We didn’t have Mexican but I still cooked a top notch meal for my guys, whch they had second helpings of if I may add. Did not feel hungry whilst cooking, i just felt like eating, I’m starting tio realise the difference now, and hope I will continue to.

11.00 pm – Still no hunger pains of aches, so it’s all good. I was super tired though, so I just played some guitar and then dropped off to sleep around midnight.

10.00 Am – Woke up a few times before ten, but was scared to get up in case I felt hungry, because then I would have had the urge to break my fast early. So I got out of bed at ten and went about my business. I was think about fasting until I felt true hunger, but I just wanted to see how it went.

12.00 Midday – I went for a low intensity bike ride and did the five Tibetan rites, so I started to feel a little weak, which lead to the decision o break my fast. I’v eread you should do it gradually with pure fruit juices and blends. So I went for a classic spinach and banana, a little thick I know, but it’s top taste and we had it in the house, Hah! Put a little milk, peanut butter, and cinnamon in there and you’re good to go!

spin to the ach

spin to the ach

In all, including the night before fasting, I reckon it was about 30 hours total. I’m happy with that as a first attempt, and I had a really good day yesterday also; sunshine, skating, free running and back tickling. Good. Day. Indeed.

I enjoyed my day, and I intend to do the same with this one, I hope you enjoy yours too 😀

xx G xx
p.s I will be uploading text things right after this xxxx


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