Okay so, I slacked.

It’s been three weeks. Long ting.

I haven’t really uploaded texts because they got a bit repetitive in my inbox, and although they’re still kinda cool, you guys don’t want to just e reading about how much other people love me, Hah!

As a result, I will still upload texts and things but, only if they have a good story or you know I just feel like it.

However during the not-as-many-texts-so-lack-of-content-times I will be keeping you in tune with my goings on through a direct dictation of them. Basicamente I’ll tell you what’s going down in Gert town. This’ll probably happen on Sundays, because Sunday is long and boring and is basically the purgatory day of the week.

This week started with St Paddy’s day, which always a good thing to do on a monday, St Patrick’s should just happen every Monday.

Basically this was an excuse for me to drink Guinness at any point in the day anywhere in town and not have anyone give a second glance. The earliest I got started was around 3PM (pretty late huh?)

Then the night led to more multiple Guinness and a cider or two as well to keep it fresh.

FUN FACTS (kinda) The first time I tried Guinness was at the Guinness store factory in Dublin, cool right?! ALSO, Arthur Guinness (the genius) was so confident that his ting would be a hiiiit, that he took out a 900 year lease for the factory, 900 years! This guy got balls.

Dance theatre is going ridiculously well, apart from my body being slightly decrepit (I’m working on getting knots out), and it’s super enjoyable.

FRIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY means House Party Time. Wet to an average British sized house (pretty small tbf) and there were over 150 people there. Po-po shut it down obvs, but we went to our friends carried on drinking then went back to finish the party about an hour later. As we all know I turn up and pass out with cheerios surrounding me, so I only lasted until around2.30AM but it was pretty good from what I can remember.

I just hope there were no minesweepers around at the party because I definitely left some red raspberry vomit in a red solo cup.

Party hard and/or go home. but try to last if you can, unless lasting means the potential that you could have vomited on the girl you like.
I didn’t. but that could have happened if I’d have stayed.

Nah mean



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