Smeess 18-Jan-2013

“Craaaaap I fell asleel I’m sorry! Uggg I hate when she does that but at least she didn’t banish you from the house 😉 haha how are you feeling now? Is this going to be an all in one day thing? Or you gonna spreaf out the cool news? Haha I don’t mean to be selfish in this but our baby is going to be so multi cultural I’m so excited hahah xxxxxxxx”

This is Yazz talking about me coming out to my parents.

I just came out from washing my hands, both my parents were in the kitchen and I just went
“hey guess what?!”

*parents look at me*

“I’m a lesbian!”

Hahah! My Dad gave me a big hug while my mum just kind of stood in the corner quietly.

Whilst still in the hug with my dad I was like “what’s mum doing?” He was like, “she’s just stood there” hah!

But then eventually she told me how she was a lesbian when she was younger and kissed girls and stuff. She thinks she’s a Hasbian (somone who was a ‘Lesbian’) She just thinks that sh’s done everything that we’re doing and so she can relate. She don know. try hard.

I’m excited that I get to be gay auntie Gertrude, it automatically makes me have a bit of extra cool, haha! just kidding. no jk.





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