Cheese quotes can have real depth.

(If you think hard enough)

“you’re the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be”

I’m not normally one for cheesy quotes and stuff on tumblr that any person that ever breathed can relate to, but this one I can engage with because of it’s relation to time.

ever since looking into Durational Performance, and such artists and Tehching Hsieh and On Kawara and many others, the concept of time in relation to how we spend our ‘time’ has frequented my thoughts.

I find the quote rad because it signifies the passing of time and the futility that we all try to ignore in our day to day lives. If you think about it properly then it really puts into perspective your life, it’s basically saying,

“what have you achieved with your life so far, and what are you going to do with the rest of it?”

For me at least. The saying itself is timeless, because you can read it when you are sixteen and be like ‘whoa I gotta do shit with my life’ or can read it when you are eighty and be like ‘okay I still got some juice left, I’m still young’.

It carries the essence of vitality whilst also indicating wisdom; it’s contradictory and that’s what makes it so human. It’s a juxtaposition (I wanted to say paradox, but I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but even e just saying that I wanted to put it is enough for me, because it’s basically the same as me putting it. Hah.).

I just like it because it makes me think about the universe and even though I am smaller than a spec, I still have an affect on other human specs, and by choosing different actions and warranting different outcomes of my life, I can have a bigger and more positive effect on and the specs on this crumb.

I think it’s a rad quote and not cheese at all now that I have thought about it.

Bed peace, hair peace

xx G xx


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