Blogging in it’s natural form

So I have been busy lately. I use just straight up ‘busy’ with no adjectives like ‘really’ or ‘super’ because I have just been BUSY. No adjectives needed.

My sister says she never knows what I get up to because I don’t text much (just generally) and I don’t really do status updates either, so she suggested keeping a blog of what I am doing.


So we shall start with the most recent. let’s do it like a real diary.

28th March, Sat

Dear Diary,
today was a brilliant day, long but so much fun! I was in Manchester performing in a piece called ‘Revolt’ the one we made in five days with choreographer Gary Clarke. It was at this Dance festival called, TURN which is for emerging performers with original pieces. A propelling gplatform, a platform to propel basically. We were lucky to gt a slot because we a re students and not even all of us 3rd years, but It’s a really good piece and is obvs at a standard to be on this platform so, let’s go!

So we got the bus from Uni at 11Am and the pick up would be 11PM so we had to get hyped for what would be a solid 12 hours of getting into it.

So the day goes like this, arrive; go to rehearsal room; jam and be silly until we get told to act like not students as we are in  a professional environment; I learn dance phrases so as to understudy a Rachel’s role, as she is really poorly but still going strong; I learn the parts getting nervous as I have a lot to remember; go ovr speech that I only got three days ago and try to perfect my Maragret Thatcher accent; replace batteries in megaphone; fail to get megaphone to work; ask someone to help; Emma fixes it first try; cheers; walk through shadowing Rachel and trying to be Maggie; walk to morrisons follow others around eating food I brought along with me; try to finish my apple before I get to the counter so that they don’t think I stole it; return; go over speech again as I am nervous as hell; practice Rachel’s part which I secretly wanted to do as it is this sick unison section where it gets proper pumped; Warm up to go to tech rehearsal.

So we are at the tech and we do a quick walk through and figure out the spacing on this brand new-to-us stage. work out  where there will and will’nt be collisions and then sort it, because we are PRROOOOsssss!! Then of course comes THE DRESS RUN.

So dress run, mean jeans jumpers and lights = hhawwt. super stupidly warm and sweaty. The run is lacking a bit, energy and stuff and just wanting to get the message across and stuff. so we get some notes back from Malachi who is performing also later on and went to our uni. So I thought about wasy that I can get everyone hyped up and wanting to bust it. So I satrt preparing this speech and stuff in my head ready for just before we go on later.

We have a break now until  show. so we chill go over any bits, have some food etc. Then class to warm up is at 6.30, we do a bit of yoga bit of planking and then some of us go down to watch the first half of the show or others stay tp go over their stuff.

OH I FORGOT ONE OF THE BEST PARTS!! My girlfriend’s two sisters are coming to see me perform! how rad is that?! I love them man, they cam because they wanted to Kirsty didn’t even force them. Shauna and Shirelle are in the lobby and I meet them and introduce them to my duet partner and voguing boi Danny. Then we go in and watch the show together.

The programme is super confusing and I don’t realise that the interval I have just left from is the interval before we go on, so I go upstairs all chilled and relaxed then everyone says we are on in 20 minutes and I’m like “WAT.” Then get dressed super fast eat some dates and nuts real quick for last minute energy then go over some stuff super quick then when ready we all head down to the space in our matching jumpers. It feels pretty cool to be a part of this world. I love it. and that’s how I am going them hyped. remind them why we are here and what we are doing it all for.

SO, we do a bit of a warm up/going over final bits and then set our props and tak a minute to do our own thing, then I mention to our rehearsal director that I have a little suttin suttin to say to gt people hyped. It went a little like this:

“okay, so why are we here? why do we do what we do? we’re performers, we get to be on this stage, we have been given this opportunity to say something, and they are all going to be listening to everything we say. A small gesture, they’ll see it so don’t half arse it because they are listening and we need to tell them! we have stage and we get to perform, this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives, this is the start so let’s grab it with everything we have and fucking tell ’em! This is our stage let’s do it man!”

It went  something like that anyway, I was too hyped to remember the exacts, but it seemed to get everyone energised.

So the time came… let’s do this. We get shown back stage and then I do  the fastest little run through in my own little space by the door and go over my M.T. speech a couple of times. Then we get th call. We’re stood off-stage left, and the brass band kicks in and the air gets electric and everyone is zoning in and getting into their own heads while at the same time projecting our energy to each other and out into the space we are all about to enter on our own cues. Jo is swinging his top, my cue. ON I walk megaphone at the mouth and reeling off the names of members of the National Union of Miners. Shit’s happen about the space, then the cue for everyone to gather.

“OI!” Everyone pelts into the group and we march forward ready for battle, the stage is shorter when our adrenaline is higher but we adjust and carry our fists high!

All goes well generally, I made one mistake for sure and maybe another little one but that would have been unnoticeable, and then he speech! the speech man! It goes awesome, Debbie said it really came to life. buzzing. Then we all come on from th end, Kate was crying Rachel was prolly gonna pass out at any second, but we all made our way up the stairs into the rehearsal room and vogued it out topless doing the banana skank and the migraine skank. what better way to celebrate a fantastic show.

Everyone did amazing, Joe filling in, Rachel busting it out when when she is super ill, Suzie killing hr solo Danny killing his solo, Elliot coming to life. Just everyone with so much energy. We got a roaring applause, and even better Debbie bought me a red stripe the legend. to pregnant lady.

Then chilled with my good friend Danielle and worked out rehearsal dates for her commissioned piece and a piece for us to create together. and had a lovely chat with Shauna and Shirelle and a catch up whilst watching some inmprov jamming with some drums and Scratch DJ and live vocals with dancers taking the floor to grove their thang, whilst we waited for the bus to arrive.

I seriously wanted to get up and have a go but I left it too late to ask, I was making the excuse to myself that the bus will be here any second when in reality it didn’t turn up until 11.00 anyway. We had asked for it a bit earlier as we were all abit knackered. Alas, the bus came before I could jam, I said good bye to errybody told the girls to text me when they are home. then head to the bus.

Rachel had forgot her scarf but I said I’ll run and get it because she was looking like she should be in bed anyway making her run back would have killed her off. So I grab the scarf give Shez and shauna a double hug goodbye, shout love you guys then head home.

On the bus tell my coming out story to Danni Cash, as we talk about how we are gonna be bus buddies on the way to Tour next week on the 34 HOUR journey to ESPANA!! WOO

But that’s all for now, got in knackred and plopped off. Lovely day, lovely people cannot wait to do it again.

Bed peace, Hair Peace



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