I need to start writing again, so let’s begin with poetry.

This is something I wrote the other night when I didn’t feel like going to bed until 5Am and when I finally did go to bed I wanted to write hahah

I feel crumpled exactly like when you leave
a receipt in your shirt pocket. Then the shirt goes in the wash.
You find the receipt the next time you wear the shirt
a month or so later.
You notice  weird lump in your breast. It is
not cancer, it is a lumpy dry mush in your pocket
eventually you remember it was a receipt for something
important but you can’t remember exactly what.
However you keep it on your bedside table, which is also
your desk, until you are having a clear out one
Tuesday and you look at this small yellow
fluffy looking creature. And in being unsure
what it is you nudge it with your clothed
It falls off and you jump, your once thriving imagination
flickering on for an instant, and believing it to be an an
animal of sorts.

You decide it is junk, and also recyclable. But your
benched imagination prompts you to pick it
up with a sock anyway.

The beast has been forever caged in the recycling bin.
And your sock has moved from clean washing to be put away
to the dirty laundry pile.


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