If I named my fruit, I’d become too attached.

If I were to believe in reincarnation, which I think that I very well could do.

I would like to be an apple. Not now.

When I came back of course.
I could spend my entire youth and young adulthood growing up in a tree.
I’d have a little brown stalk, not much different from my brown hair atop my head now.
All of my friends would be apples and so I would have something in common right away!

If I could, I would prefer to be a hand to mouth kind of apple, not a cooking apple, I don’t like too hot summers.

Also I wouldn’t mind falling or being picked or being in an orchard or in a wild tree, it would all be fine with me.
I wouldn’t even mind being thrust through a high speed blade in a juicer. or squeezed. Any juice is cool.

Yes, I think an apple would suffice. Would be nice.

Although, peanut butter does not stick to an open apple, and I’m not sure that I could live a life being peanut butter-proof.
Maybe I should come back as peanut butter.

Dear Gods/controllers of reincarnation,

please may I be re-born as peanut butter.


Current human.


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