Okay so this is not a poem, simply an update on my life so that y’all can understand the next few poems/writings that will be posted.

This afternoon I said goodbye, potentially for the last time, to my (current ex-) girlfriend. My first love. We said goodbye before but I asked to see her again before I go travelling (the reason we broke up). She loves me so we met we cuddled and then said a brief goodbye.
i cried on the train home. And at home. And will probably cry again tonight.

But I got home and decided it best to have a clear out and get rid of pretty much everything, bar  few lovely and thoughtful things, related to this lady who ruled my heart for nearly two years.

So through crying on the train and clearing out, i have written and also found material which I will share in due course. It won’t be chronological but you can put it in any order in your head.

I just write the stuff, you all are the ones who read it and read into it hahah

Love and peace to all

xx G xx


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