‘un-encountered promises’

I never wanna treat you any kind of bad
or do you any kind of wrong.
I don’t need to take a vow to make a promise to you.
If I give anything but the truth i want you to hit me
to knock me off my pedestal.
because I am not better than you.
I am with you because you are better than me.
because you better me.
You show me kindness, soft gentle, like no-one else
i talk to you the way I do to nobody else
And I’m sorry for when I forget this
for when my love goes out of practice
because I am being used up elsewhere
So, sorry for when I forget that
there is a reservoir, untapped
always there, safe, trapped
reaching into it and always having something to pull out.
there is always more for you & I am sorry
for when I forget how to get back to that spot
that trunk of just-touching kisses and
innocent caresses of the inside of my forearm.
Don’t let me give you any less than you deserve.
Because even when I give my all, you deserve more.
You deserve everything that I CAN BE, not merely what I am.
That’s how you better me, I have to give you what I am to become.
hopefully you’ll understand happily.


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