Kirsty 29-Jul-2016

[Note] Kirsty and I broke up before I went travelling and have only talked a few times since being back.


”Found this random thing I wrote

Because you don’t need to change
I know how happy you make me feel
You’re my number one
And when your with me I’m winning
I’ll surrender to loves wrath
I see no reason to keep wearing this disguise
Gravity hold e down

Think I was talking about you or my dissertation haha’

I text back telling her that those are lyric from a song I wrote ages ago, and was one of the first songs she listened to on soundcloud of mine.

‘But why would I write that haha’

maybs cause you loved me and it was a response poem or something? Either way you totes plaigerised.  I think I said.

‘Defo did didn’t I. Found something your wrote for me. Some dinosaur and it made me cry. Stop it G’

Guess I just have such a way with words that I got yo brain and heart even months after we broke up.

(acting like I am tough and over it even though I saw her the other day and cried when I left cause she looked so beautiful and I just wanted to stroke her hair and leaving felt like falling out of love all over again. LOLOLOLOLWHATISMYLIFELOLOLOLMOREACCURATELYMYLOVELIFELOLOLOLOL )

Oh hear is my soundcloud if you want to try and find it, think it is still on there. (really old song so listen to my new stuff too if you want to see how my style has developed. Ta.)

Peace and Flatulence

xx G xx


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