Laure 02-Aug-2016

‘Oh my god. What i would do to go right trying to lay off rice cos i got a proper rice belly. Im still a veggie tho and lovin it!!! I officially start at zizzis on monday! So excited. how are you hows work?? I forever think about us on our next journey. Xxxx’

We were talking about Indian Coffee house, which is pretty much the best restaurant in the world. Obviously I haven’t been to every restaurant in the world but I will confidently make that statement for the rest of my life.

It is great south Indian food for such a ridiculously cheap price. Sweet ass black coffee for 7 English pence ( 7 Indian rupees).

Great biryani Fantastic masala Dosa and last but not least the number 1 lemon juice drink in the universe. I would get a plane back to Kerala just to eat there. THAT good.

Also we haven’t seen each other since travelling, TWO MONTHS! We will see each other this friday I cannot wait.

We will be planning the next journey on Friday, I am ready for the next adventure. I think maybe Australia or New Zealand.

xx G xx


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