Smffss 30-Jul-2016

‘Is everything okay ? What you guys doing?!’

I took my Nephew out into town cause Yazz (his mother) was hanging, and I guess she was a little anxious hahaha.

I don’t take him out on my own much cause I work lots and see him at home all the time anyway.

So I just took him into town to see some boat racing, met my Nan for a bit. Played in a hilly park and tried not to fall down the big hills or let Eli fall. Then went to a park after carrying him up steel hill (Lincoln) on my shoulders whilst pushing the pram.
Here is a picture of steep hill so you know my superhuman feat. haha

Was a really nice actually.

I love my nephew, but I couldn’t be a full time parent right now, that shit is tough and I have majr respect and patience for parents after living with my nephew for a year or so. They just have so much energy! Energy to run, climb scream and sulk.

Peace and acceptance

xx G xx


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