Too late mother fucker. (You hose You)

You don’t need me & I don’t deserve you

you deserve and need new.
I’m like old PVA glue
all tacky and dried.

You need to peel me off, throw aside.


I blame my ignorance
I played kid.
whenever I buzz, I think your name
Dig. no don’t be stupid.

I want to make you happy
I want you to make me happy.
That’s not how love works, love is more natural.
It grows without you knowing, then all at once you have it all.

You don’t think about love you just do love.

You shouldn’t worry or hurry or ask what they want for dinner just make
it’s rare that you get a second chance. & almost never a 2nd chance at a 2nd chance, that’s because you didn’t learn, didn’t grow. you didn’t change what you know. didn’t try, just lied that you were crying cause your heartbroke, a little bit, but mostly guilt.
you knew the right choice, but chose wrong, you chose you.

So let it the fuck go
Let her go. Let her be happy. you don’t get the privilege of her smile, nor the pride in her laughter.

Next time,
be smarter.


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