If I only had to WERK and not work.

I would make art. I would paint and sew and draw grotesque character versions of my loved ones and strangers.
I would write songs and learn great songs on guitar.  would play my guitar at open mic nights and take it to friends’ houses and festivals and play for anyone.
I would read everything, I’d read until my eyeballs were stinging and all the words become wiggly worms.
I would run and climb and skateboard and learn origami folds off by heart.
I would learn be fluent in as many languages as possible. Probably in the following order:

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Polish
  5. Hindi
  6. Swedish or Danish
  7. German
  8. Mandarin
  9. Japanese
  10. Vietnamese

But before all of those I would learn sign language.
I would watch SO MANY movies. All kinds, with anyone, in any country, in any kind of setting.
I would never stop dancing. I’d dance until I died.
I would write poems, and stories and tell stories, write children’s books, adventure novels, plays, movie scripts, short art films, public speeches for big voices, articles for Vice magazine most likely.
I would make my own clothes, and make gifts for people all the time even if it wasn’t even their birthday or anything, just make a gift for them because they should have a gift.
I would make hilarious GIFs and memes, or more likely seek them out.
I would have a nap every single time I wanted to nap. No exceptions, No Ragrets.
I would volunteer with the elderly and spend time with kids, so I could appreciate my
I would listen to music all day and have my friends and that bring round CDs or whatever of their music and get cultured.
I would binge watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race, OITNB, The L word, Louis Theroux’s weird weekend, Attack on Titan, and Avatar Korra.
I would climb, learn to climb big huge fuck off rocks that look like ‘how the fuck could you climb that?!’.
I would lie down on my back for a whole day just day dreaming. Only breathing.
I would cook great feasts for whomever decided to come, learn new recipes everyday and get fat trying it all, but wouldn’t cause I would climb and run and skateboard and play songs to people. I would bake my own bread, and make birthday cakes for people without them asking, and even with them asking.
I would go to Iceland and look at art and get frost bite from staring at Aurora Borealis.
I would read lots about art and visit lots of galleries, maybe I already said that. I would do it again eventually anyway because the art would change I suppose.
I’d get to know the entire world, to at least acquaintance level.
I would have really long telephone calls that would just come to an end naturally as it felt right.

I would have more baths.                                                                                                          maybe.

and adopt at least 4 dogs.

xxxx G xxxx


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