Sunshine is as vital as life, yet I still choose to live in England where the sun shines less times a year than the queen has birthdays. IRL (D) I only use a lot of words out loud, when I am drunk or I am performing.

When I am performing it’s a different version of me, one that (in theory) can take judgement without it affecting the day to day version of me, taking it critically as a growing artist.

I used to fill this blog with texts that had to be read in order to be deleted, but then I caved to society and got a smart phone, moderately priced and functional still. I’m a new age hippy wannabe basically.

I think I’m going to use this blog as a place to air out my thoughts and see if anyone has any thoughts on the thoughts.
(and also for when I innevitably break whatever smartphone I have at the tome and have to return to my nan’s flip phone and unload the texts)

bed peace and hair peace

xx Gert xx


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