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Corienne 25-Aug-2016


“you out?!”
No just got home from the cinema (or something like this)
“I peed in a ports loo”
“Yeah!!!!! Drag queen karaoke”
[she was at the only gay bar/club in lincoln. clearly having a great time. i thought it was hilarious, not what I would call her scene. (lol it’s called the scene, inside joke made outside 4 u all xxxx)
“Copa cops cabana ……”
what? maybe she’s had a wee drink.
“Some girl just asked Caroline to lick her neck her back her pussy and her crack I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much”
Maybe lots of wee drinks hahahah

She had a great night, I wish I had been out it would have been fantastic.

I live in Manchester now, imagine how much of a ball she would have on canal street!



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Vlaure 04-Aug-2016

‘I love you. So weird but in a great way talking yesterday. Just makes me miss us more now though! Xxxxxxxxxx’

First time talking to each other live since returning from travelling. We both sounded so weird to each other. Our accent and way of talking has changed so much since getting back. I have been back nearly three months and I am ready for a new adventure. I want to dance and create again and be fit and know my shit and do awesome adventure things.

Laure and I are good at adventures, I should call her more. She ma Sol M8.

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Kirsty 29-Jul-2016

[Note] Kirsty and I broke up before I went travelling and have only talked a few times since being back.


”Found this random thing I wrote

Because you don’t need to change
I know how happy you make me feel
You’re my number one
And when your with me I’m winning
I’ll surrender to loves wrath
I see no reason to keep wearing this disguise
Gravity hold e down

Think I was talking about you or my dissertation haha’

I text back telling her that those are lyric from a song I wrote ages ago, and was one of the first songs she listened to on soundcloud of mine.

‘But why would I write that haha’

maybs cause you loved me and it was a response poem or something? Either way you totes plaigerised.  I think I said.

‘Defo did didn’t I. Found something your wrote for me. Some dinosaur and it made me cry. Stop it G’

Guess I just have such a way with words that I got yo brain and heart even months after we broke up.

(acting like I am tough and over it even though I saw her the other day and cried when I left cause she looked so beautiful and I just wanted to stroke her hair and leaving felt like falling out of love all over again. LOLOLOLOLWHATISMYLIFELOLOLOLMOREACCURATELYMYLOVELIFELOLOLOLOL )

Oh hear is my soundcloud if you want to try and find it, think it is still on there. (really old song so listen to my new stuff too if you want to see how my style has developed. Ta.)

Peace and Flatulence

xx G xx

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My life in 5 lines + 2 4 3 (two for free)

The first happening was my sister’s blood
(and dungarees and a tea towel)
The second, crying in blue shell sand & fence face.
Number 3: 27m Javelin & giving a hug.
fo. An unknowing crush on a manipulative friend.
five alive, pretty much the whole of uni.
(And my first full time job) (brah.)

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Wesserz 5-Feb-2014

“Hahaha david attenborough, then if she tries to escape get steve erwin to wrestle her xxx”


This is us talking about a performance in which we had to basically just do the most dumb and wacky shit we could think of.

This involved  getting  David Attenborough to search the audience for gingers, then Steve Irwin comes out and crocodile grabs the ginger and pulls them out of the audience. the ginger then proceeds to be pelted with orange paraphernalia.


It was so much fun. We wore just a leotard and fishnet tights, hah!


all my love


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Laure 28-Jan-2014

“Feel like a sweaty dog. Mailed Lisa imma come in later just for dance. Xxx”

Haha! Laure wasn’t feeling very well, she didn’t come in for dance later on.

She was better the next day, so don’t worry! 😀


xx G xx

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Wesserz 21-Jan-2014

“Thank you for trusting me 🙂 I think youre very brave for telling people! proud of you 😛 us lincolnshire lgbt have to stick together!! xxx”

So Wes was the first person, outside of my family and closest friend group, that I told I was gay. I just kind of akwardly blurted it out on the way to the library, and because my mischeif partnr in crime (Laure) was with us he didn’t believe me at first. However after about ten minutes of Wes leaving us and giong on with his day I got this text, and I just thought it was super cute and caring of Wesley to do this.
He’s a great guy and a fabulous gay.

I’m proud to hav him as a friend

Gert ❤ Wes I.D.E.T

xx G&W xx

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