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Jayja 03-Sep-2016

“Also there’s a hench coat on the top of the landing if you require a duvet xxxx”

Another drunken night ended at Jay Jay’s.

He has this huge massive reclinign chair that I just passed out in. but then was reall cold so took up his offer of the hench coat.

It was pretty much a quilt. eough warm for me to pass out again hahaha



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Jayja 28-Aug-2016

“You @ home tatoh face xxx”

Potato related.

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Call the Samaritans

An unbalanced life is unsustainable.

Take care of your health, it’s all you really have, the rest is icing on the cake.

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Not my reaj dad 08-Aug-2016

‘Harro is it violin you’re looking for?;p xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoc gayeeee’

Supposed to say not my real dad. It’s my friend Matt from work we just joke around calling each other ‘not my real (various whatever we are talking about related stuff)’

I said I would give him my old violin but kept forgetting so, he was just reminding me in this beautiful way.
I had remembered and brought it to work.

‘Awesome sauceome:)’

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Vlaure 07-Aug-2016

Sorry Laure.

‘Right since been veggie my farts STINK. Remember when you thought a cat had come in and shit in the tiny room in el nido hahahahahahahahaa’


It was a tiny little room and sweaty and stinky enough as it was, and it was a violent stench. I am very proud of Laura for going vegetarian since travelling to india and she ahs kept with it upon returning home, so fuck yeah!!

Love you Laure!

My farts stink too btw


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Laure 02-Aug-2016

‘Oh my god. What i would do to go right trying to lay off rice cos i got a proper rice belly. Im still a veggie tho and lovin it!!! I officially start at zizzis on monday! So excited. how are you hows work?? I forever think about us on our next journey. Xxxx’

We were talking about Indian Coffee house, which is pretty much the best restaurant in the world. Obviously I haven’t been to every restaurant in the world but I will confidently make that statement for the rest of my life.

It is great south Indian food for such a ridiculously cheap price. Sweet ass black coffee for 7 English pence ( 7 Indian rupees).

Great biryani Fantastic masala Dosa and last but not least the number 1 lemon juice drink in the universe. I would get a plane back to Kerala just to eat there. THAT good.

Also we haven’t seen each other since travelling, TWO MONTHS! We will see each other this friday I cannot wait.

We will be planning the next journey on Friday, I am ready for the next adventure. I think maybe Australia or New Zealand.

xx G xx

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Jayjay 29-Jul-2016

‘Fyart ed’. I’m off to the gym soon, you still fancy coming? Completely cool if not, just let me know xx’


You it is absolutely 100% fine man, I’m gonna be ultimately chilled, not a single worry if not man.

just thought it was funny that he would be more than just ‘cool’ with it.

xx G xx

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