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Me 03-Sep-2016

“Researc4ow tofu is made xxyx”

*research how tofu is made xxxx

I actually did this the other day and since then have been trying to eat as little as possible. Not that it is gross but, most of it is heavily processed. Or at least the stuff we use at work most definitely comes from GMO soya crops. I have eaten a lot of tofu from work over the 2 years i have worked there. time to ease maybe hahaha



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Call the Samaritans

An unbalanced life is unsustainable.

Take care of your health, it’s all you really have, the rest is icing on the cake.

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Too late mother fucker. (You hose You)

You don’t need me & I don’t deserve you

you deserve and need new.
I’m like old PVA glue
all tacky and dried.

You need to peel me off, throw aside.


I blame my ignorance
I played kid.
whenever I buzz, I think your name
Dig. no don’t be stupid.

I want to make you happy
I want you to make me happy.
That’s not how love works, love is more natural.
It grows without you knowing, then all at once you have it all.

You don’t think about love you just do love.

You shouldn’t worry or hurry or ask what they want for dinner just make
it’s rare that you get a second chance. & almost never a 2nd chance at a 2nd chance, that’s because you didn’t learn, didn’t grow. you didn’t change what you know. didn’t try, just lied that you were crying cause your heartbroke, a little bit, but mostly guilt.
you knew the right choice, but chose wrong, you chose you.

So let it the fuck go
Let her go. Let her be happy. you don’t get the privilege of her smile, nor the pride in her laughter.

Next time,
be smarter.

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Mum 13-Aug-2016


I read this out loud and JayJay said, who’s that from your mum hahahahahahahaha

i was liek ‘yeh.’

Love my ma. She may have a short temper and thrown clingfilm in the bin cause she can’t unroll it but she is the most strong willed and endless loving womans I know.


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Vlaure 07-Aug-2016

Sorry Laure.

‘Right since been veggie my farts STINK. Remember when you thought a cat had come in and shit in the tiny room in el nido hahahahahahahahaa’


It was a tiny little room and sweaty and stinky enough as it was, and it was a violent stench. I am very proud of Laura for going vegetarian since travelling to india and she ahs kept with it upon returning home, so fuck yeah!!

Love you Laure!

My farts stink too btw


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‘….but you remain in the forefront of my mind.’

okay so, maybe I should have said goodbye at the station

Rather than you rushing to the hair salon.
after asking for just one more minute.
Or perhaps I should have meant my goodbye
the first time.
As I later found out you did.

I still believe that even though I am the one going to
a different part of the world.

I was not the one who left us first.

We agreed it would save us the heart ache

Oh what fools we are!
Oh what fools we were
A couple of fools in love, both without the courage of
Oliver Twist to ask for more.
“Do you want to move in with me?”
you could have said.
“Can I move in with you?”
I should have said, & meant it.
Although I am the one leaving,
I think you’ve already left me behind….

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farts be like

Someone just punched a duck.

a wet slap.

liquid fire.

a drowning goose.

a soggy trumpet.

the sigh of a disappointed mother.

a swamp gurgling.

a horror movie door creak.

a turkey screaming.

a far away elephant hooting.

denim being ripped.

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