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A post to redneckognise.

I’m sunburned.



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Jayja 03-Sep-2016

“Also there’s a hench coat on the top of the landing if you require a duvet xxxx”

Another drunken night ended at Jay Jay’s.

He has this huge massive reclinign chair that I just passed out in. but then was reall cold so took up his offer of the hench coat.

It was pretty much a quilt. eough warm for me to pass out again hahaha


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Call the Samaritans

An unbalanced life is unsustainable.

Take care of your health, it’s all you really have, the rest is icing on the cake.

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I think I might be having a rough start to the day.

Mate, no wonder I feel slightly insane recently.
Scrolling through facebook and watching a video of a black man being held down by 3 police officers, getting punched whilst being restrained. Obviously this is upsetting.
Then the next video is of a huge majestic dog being held up like Simba to operatic music. Obviously this is beautiful.
Sorry emotions and thought processes I thought you wanted to be ragged and confused.

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Nan 13-Aug-2016

‘Happy Birthday Xauna, love Nan xxx’

She always puts Nan at the end of her text as if I hadn’t saved her number or summut. She is a rad lady, more rad than I.

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Too late mother fucker. (You hose You)

You don’t need me & I don’t deserve you

you deserve and need new.
I’m like old PVA glue
all tacky and dried.

You need to peel me off, throw aside.


I blame my ignorance
I played kid.
whenever I buzz, I think your name
Dig. no don’t be stupid.

I want to make you happy
I want you to make me happy.
That’s not how love works, love is more natural.
It grows without you knowing, then all at once you have it all.

You don’t think about love you just do love.

You shouldn’t worry or hurry or ask what they want for dinner just make
it’s rare that you get a second chance. & almost never a 2nd chance at a 2nd chance, that’s because you didn’t learn, didn’t grow. you didn’t change what you know. didn’t try, just lied that you were crying cause your heartbroke, a little bit, but mostly guilt.
you knew the right choice, but chose wrong, you chose you.

So let it the fuck go
Let her go. Let her be happy. you don’t get the privilege of her smile, nor the pride in her laughter.

Next time,
be smarter.

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Mum 13-Aug-2016


I read this out loud and JayJay said, who’s that from your mum hahahahahahahaha

i was liek ‘yeh.’

Love my ma. She may have a short temper and thrown clingfilm in the bin cause she can’t unroll it but she is the most strong willed and endless loving womans I know.


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