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A post to redneckognise.

I’m sunburned.



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Corienne 31-Aug-2016


“The BIGGEST spider just sauntered across my front room like it gave no shits”
“Seriously I’ve seen chihuahuas the same size as this Harry Potter looking mother fucker”


My sister only swears when she has road rage (every second that she is driving) or when there is a spider I guess hahahahaha

harry potter looking mo fo hahahaha


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Jayja 28-Aug-2016

“You @ home tatoh face xxx”

Potato related.

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Call the Samaritans

An unbalanced life is unsustainable.

Take care of your health, it’s all you really have, the rest is icing on the cake.

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If I only had to WERK and not work.

I would make art. I would paint and sew and draw grotesque character versions of my loved ones and strangers.
I would write songs and learn great songs on guitar.  would play my guitar at open mic nights and take it to friends’ houses and festivals and play for anyone.
I would read everything, I’d read until my eyeballs were stinging and all the words become wiggly worms.
I would run and climb and skateboard and learn origami folds off by heart.
I would learn be fluent in as many languages as possible. Probably in the following order:

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Polish
  5. Hindi
  6. Swedish or Danish
  7. German
  8. Mandarin
  9. Japanese
  10. Vietnamese

But before all of those I would learn sign language.
I would watch SO MANY movies. All kinds, with anyone, in any country, in any kind of setting.
I would never stop dancing. I’d dance until I died.
I would write poems, and stories and tell stories, write children’s books, adventure novels, plays, movie scripts, short art films, public speeches for big voices, articles for Vice magazine most likely.
I would make my own clothes, and make gifts for people all the time even if it wasn’t even their birthday or anything, just make a gift for them because they should have a gift.
I would make hilarious GIFs and memes, or more likely seek them out.
I would have a nap every single time I wanted to nap. No exceptions, No Ragrets.
I would volunteer with the elderly and spend time with kids, so I could appreciate my
I would listen to music all day and have my friends and that bring round CDs or whatever of their music and get cultured.
I would binge watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race, OITNB, The L word, Louis Theroux’s weird weekend, Attack on Titan, and Avatar Korra.
I would climb, learn to climb big huge fuck off rocks that look like ‘how the fuck could you climb that?!’.
I would lie down on my back for a whole day just day dreaming. Only breathing.
I would cook great feasts for whomever decided to come, learn new recipes everyday and get fat trying it all, but wouldn’t cause I would climb and run and skateboard and play songs to people. I would bake my own bread, and make birthday cakes for people without them asking, and even with them asking.
I would go to Iceland and look at art and get frost bite from staring at Aurora Borealis.
I would read lots about art and visit lots of galleries, maybe I already said that. I would do it again eventually anyway because the art would change I suppose.
I’d get to know the entire world, to at least acquaintance level.
I would have really long telephone calls that would just come to an end naturally as it felt right.

I would have more baths.                                                                                                          maybe.

and adopt at least 4 dogs.

xxxx G xxxx

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Too late mother fucker. (You hose You)

You don’t need me & I don’t deserve you

you deserve and need new.
I’m like old PVA glue
all tacky and dried.

You need to peel me off, throw aside.


I blame my ignorance
I played kid.
whenever I buzz, I think your name
Dig. no don’t be stupid.

I want to make you happy
I want you to make me happy.
That’s not how love works, love is more natural.
It grows without you knowing, then all at once you have it all.

You don’t think about love you just do love.

You shouldn’t worry or hurry or ask what they want for dinner just make
it’s rare that you get a second chance. & almost never a 2nd chance at a 2nd chance, that’s because you didn’t learn, didn’t grow. you didn’t change what you know. didn’t try, just lied that you were crying cause your heartbroke, a little bit, but mostly guilt.
you knew the right choice, but chose wrong, you chose you.

So let it the fuck go
Let her go. Let her be happy. you don’t get the privilege of her smile, nor the pride in her laughter.

Next time,
be smarter.

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Vlaure 11-Aug-2016

‘Facked it’

we picked this up whilst travelling, generally from any Australian we met and absorbing their accent because when they swear it is just way more effective and hilarious.

We bought our own peanut butter to have pb (D) on toast with the free breakfast, and this one guy we were sharing a room with called us
‘Sneaky fakkas’ So from then on everyone was a sneaky lill fakka.

xx g xx

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