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A thought on being dead.

What if, you know those people who die for minutes at a time, what if when they die something Else does exist.
They go somewhere,
Or become something,
Experience something,
Else, lest they don’t come back.
but in coming back from something they have never known or felt,
it was unrecognizable in human terms,
and upon re-arrival and awakening they forgot all that happened to them
in their 2 minute afterlife.

so until one enters that realm, either firstly or returning, one only ever knows being there when one is there.

What if our entire life is just a two minute death of our other being?

Well, then: I should rather like being fully dead.


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Kyle! 16-Oct-2013

“That was honestly epic!! Looking forward to having a jam tonight! Xxxx”

Mitch and I both performed at the open mic night; Mitch singing Christina Aguilera, Myself doing some spoken word poetry.

I was nervous but as long as my close friends were into it I couldn’t care less.

I miss Kyle man. He’s a ridiculously Bodacious guy, safest guy in Europe.


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Myself 14-Feb-2013

“Don’t rise, don’t bite, don’t snap back.”

I was on a night out (drunk) and I think it was that there was some turmoil between my friend and her flatmate. My other friend, Jenny, was saying something along these lines and this formation came into my head, and I liked it too much to let it go. 

I might develop it into something… We’ll see.



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Shut up and drink your gin.

Best Oliver rehearsal yet!! I am LOVING it 😀 we did some acting, a little bit of singing and a black hole’s worth of dancing. The people are just great. It’s a whole school production, so the main characters are played by the mature students of the school, i.e. me and my best friends doing A level theatre studies (<– it’s more theatrical than just drama.)  So yeh, I’m surrounded by some of my best friends, doing stuff we both love and you don’t even have to think! It’s just “enter stage left.”    OKAY!me: “OKAY!”

Also, I’m growing a little attached to a certain main character, AKA Oliver. He’s one of those people who most would think, “oh no not this guy”, I didn’t think that, but I know a lot of people would. They are my favorite kind of people because, it means I can just sit back and let them take the show. Back to the point, I think I might really miss it when it’s over.

If you happen to be anywhere near Wragby road Lincoln on Friday the fifteenth(ish) of December pop in to a place called Lincoln Christ’s Hospital school and you might just see me cry :’)

I could write a lot more about the production, I think I will, but not right now.

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