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A post to redneckognise.

I’m sunburned.



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Vlaure 11-Aug-2016

‘Facked it’

we picked this up whilst travelling, generally from any Australian we met and absorbing their accent because when they swear it is just way more effective and hilarious.

We bought our own peanut butter to have pb (D) on toast with the free breakfast, and this one guy we were sharing a room with called us
‘Sneaky fakkas’ So from then on everyone was a sneaky lill fakka.

xx g xx

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Vlaure 04-Aug-2016

‘I love you. So weird but in a great way talking yesterday. Just makes me miss us more now though! Xxxxxxxxxx’

First time talking to each other live since returning from travelling. We both sounded so weird to each other. Our accent and way of talking has changed so much since getting back. I have been back nearly three months and I am ready for a new adventure. I want to dance and create again and be fit and know my shit and do awesome adventure things.

Laure and I are good at adventures, I should call her more. She ma Sol M8.

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Laure 02-Aug-2016

‘Oh my god. What i would do to go right trying to lay off rice cos i got a proper rice belly. Im still a veggie tho and lovin it!!! I officially start at zizzis on monday! So excited. how are you hows work?? I forever think about us on our next journey. Xxxx’

We were talking about Indian Coffee house, which is pretty much the best restaurant in the world. Obviously I haven’t been to every restaurant in the world but I will confidently make that statement for the rest of my life.

It is great south Indian food for such a ridiculously cheap price. Sweet ass black coffee for 7 English pence ( 7 Indian rupees).

Great biryani Fantastic masala Dosa and last but not least the number 1 lemon juice drink in the universe. I would get a plane back to Kerala just to eat there. THAT good.

Also we haven’t seen each other since travelling, TWO MONTHS! We will see each other this friday I cannot wait.

We will be planning the next journey on Friday, I am ready for the next adventure. I think maybe Australia or New Zealand.

xx G xx

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