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Jayja 03-Sep-2016

“Also there’s a hench coat on the top of the landing if you require a duvet xxxx”

Another drunken night ended at Jay Jay’s.

He has this huge massive reclinign chair that I just passed out in. but then was reall cold so took up his offer of the hench coat.

It was pretty much a quilt. eough warm for me to pass out again hahaha



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Corienne 25-Aug-2016


“you out?!”
No just got home from the cinema (or something like this)
“I peed in a ports loo”
“Yeah!!!!! Drag queen karaoke”
[she was at the only gay bar/club in lincoln. clearly having a great time. i thought it was hilarious, not what I would call her scene. (lol it’s called the scene, inside joke made outside 4 u all xxxx)
“Copa cops cabana ……”
what? maybe she’s had a wee drink.
“Some girl just asked Caroline to lick her neck her back her pussy and her crack I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much”
Maybe lots of wee drinks hahahah

She had a great night, I wish I had been out it would have been fantastic.

I live in Manchester now, imagine how much of a ball she would have on canal street!


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Vlaure 15-Aug-2016

“Remember after the boat party when we were dancing to tunes loving life in bunkyard and then alice came up with her white foundation face pissed as a fyart”


A friend that we met travelling had gone to the bathroom to put some make-up on but obvy because we were in India she had got a tan so her foundation from home was too light for her now, it was quite funny really. We were all drunk and happy so it didn’t mean a thing what we looked like.

xx  G xx

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Fuck being human.

Just fuck it. Just for a few days or something. That’d be cool with me.

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From now until a year,

Shall touch my lips, no wine, no spirits, no beer

Nor alcopop, not a drop.


Why not.

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Jayjay 02-Aug-2016


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My giddy aunt.

You guys! I have had 100 likes and have 53 followers!

This is awesome, you guys rock!

I was just doing my thing typing out my thoughts and you guys actually read this stuff, this is so cool.

I just wanted to thank you all for reading my stuff and being into it, it means a lot!

I feel some good things coming in the future, for me and for us!

Love you all

Bed peace, hair peace

xx G xx

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