Dictionary (D)

Marked with a (D)  in case you don’t quite understand what I’m talking about.

Gak – something that makes you feel sick, disgusted, unwilling, unmotivated etc. e.g. “we’ve got a four hour maths exam in five minutes” “that’s gak”.

Bezza – colloquial term for best friend.

Bomb – when used as a verb, usually in a place of education, means to do very badly, or a lot worse than you expected. e.g. “How did the exam go?” “Dude, I totally bombed.”

Nej – Not even joking.

IRL – In real life

W.E – whatever, as in:   spoiled, overly fake tanned girl 1:”betch, you look totally hot today” Spoiled, overly fake tanned girl 2:”whatever whore, you know it.”

Suttin – something, as in: “where’s Daarnell?!” “Bitch, how am I supposed to know errthang, he prolly at the store or suttin”

Bastaad – How the people of Sheffield say the word Bastard. For example: “Mek me a cup o’ tea?” “fuck off yuh bastaad.” (they aren’t really aggressive)

J.S. – Just saying, as in: I’m just saying.

FYI – For your information, but it is said fuh-why.

(string) – If this is at the top of the post then it means it’s a string of text messages. Facíl.

tbf – To be fair. Basically, it means with all reasons and circumstances considered, whatevs went down is justified.

Apaz – An abbreviation for apparently. Por ejemplo “Jaime lives down there” ……… “Apaz”

Buzzehn – is moss mansion lingo for ‘buzzing’. This term generally means excited. that’s it really.

Errday – every day.

‘Banter’ – In the united Kingdom the term banter refers to saying something harsh in a funny way that means you can get away with being mean to someone. It is usually used among friends and if taking outside of the friend group you’ll probably just end up looking like a cunt. Pa example:

-Okay to say to friends: “You’re breath smells worse than Susan Boyle before she was famous! Brush you’re yellow fucking gnashers”. This comment would have a much different effect if you said it to a stranger, or to Susan Boyle I suppose.

PB – peanut butter OR Princess Bubblegum


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