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Me 03-Sep-2016

“Researc4ow tofu is made xxyx”

*research how tofu is made xxxx

I actually did this the other day and since then have been trying to eat as little as possible. Not that it is gross but, most of it is heavily processed. Or at least the stuff we use at work most definitely comes from GMO soya crops. I have eaten a lot of tofu from work over the 2 years i have worked there. time to ease maybe hahaha


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Morgan 19-Jul-2016

So my childhood best friend has come out as trans. So she text saying that she would be out (out out, like at clubs etc) as Morgan, this would be the first time. So I am very excited I bought her her wig as a present and went with her to get the outfit for the night.
So I finish work and am really tired and deliberating whether to go out or go home.

Then of course this changes my mind.

“Please come!!!
For Morgan

Great night. She looked fantastic and so happy.

xx G xx

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