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Corienne 25-Aug-2016


“you out?!”
No just got home from the cinema (or something like this)
“I peed in a ports loo”
“Yeah!!!!! Drag queen karaoke”
[she was at the only gay bar/club in lincoln. clearly having a great time. i thought it was hilarious, not what I would call her scene. (lol it’s called the scene, inside joke made outside 4 u all xxxx)
“Copa cops cabana ……”
what? maybe she’s had a wee drink.
“Some girl just asked Caroline to lick her neck her back her pussy and her crack I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much”
Maybe lots of wee drinks hahahah

She had a great night, I wish I had been out it would have been fantastic.

I live in Manchester now, imagine how much of a ball she would have on canal street!



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Smffss 25-Jul-2016



she didn’t have my number yet.

“I save dis numba now xxxx”

Now she has it. I assume…

xx G xx

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Laura 11-June-2013

“That chair is in pain.”


There was a photo we came across online, it was something like this:

it's not always funny to make fun of someone's weight issues but when it is, it's hilarious.

it’s not always funny to make fun of someone’s weight issues but when it is, it’s hilarious.

Not worried. I am actually worried, I used to be quite a chubber but now I’m losing weight I’m not going to be able to make fun of fat people.


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Amber 20-Apr-2013 (23:34)

” Toilet whites your life” apaz.


I have no idea…

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Laura 22-Feb-2013

“Thanks Sal xxx”

Okay. This one i find really funny although, if I were to reflect on it extensively, it’s most likely one of those, “you had to be there” moments. However, I’m gonna tell da story anyways.

So Laura got a new phone cause, modern batteries are shit and hers went kaput; lleading Laura to purchase a new phone. A new phone means no contacts, so when asking for contacts I text her saying I was someone called Sally. (I found t hilarious). So she responds with above text. A little dissapointed at her immediate acceptance of it, I just put my phone away and planned to plan something later.

Later that night, I get a phone call from a random number, so with my phone voice on I answer. It went something like

“Is this Sally?” said the deep man’s voice in a thick Yorkshire accent.

“Erm, who’s this?” Me.

Then I twigged that because they called me Sally, they must know Laura.

Laura takes the phone as I’m speaking and twigs on that Sally is in fact me. She had gotten her brothers to call me because she was too scared. PUSSY. So this was the start of the hilarious friendship I now share with her brothers. (they are the funniest family I’ve ever known of.)

So yeah, umm, well, you kind had to be there.

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Corienne 27-Dec-2012

“My temper is too short for this shit”

It just always surprises me when my sister swears so seriously. It also makes me laugh.

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NAN (Nan)

“On train 2 Boldon 4 wkend Lovely sunny day.x”

This text seems normal, but it was completely out of the blue as I hadn’t heard from her in weeks. I found it hilarious, but now just simply funny.

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